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IESB në bashkpunim me kolegjin "Globus" organizon konferencen nderkombetare

College of International Mangement “GLOBUS”, Prishtina, Kosovo and following partners
Business Support Centre Kosovo, Prishtinë, Kosovo
Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Prishtinë, Kosovo
The Insititute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Kosovo, Prishtinë, Kosovo
Albanian Center for Risk, Tiranë, Albania

Fourth International Conference
with theme:

“Building Sustainable Regional Economic Development through SME Development”

On 10th of December 2011
Prishtina, Kosovo

Regional cooperation is one of the key prerequisites for the stabilisation and EU association processes to move forward in the Western Balkans. One of the main challenges faceing the Ballkan countries is how to build a sustainable regional economic development. As a small countries Ballkan economies should promote regional trade and cooperaiton. Small and Medium Sized enterprises play a subtantial role in building a sustainable regional economic development.

In its Program of Scientific Research, University College “GLOBUS” in cooperation with local and regional educational and research institutions are organizing conference aimed to address challenges faced by SMEs and promote the ways to develop regional economic development.  

Conference Themes

University College Globus and its partners, Business Support Centre Kosovo, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business and Albanian Center for Risk has planned for 2011 to put the title theme of this Conference with laying the theoretical and practical view of current economic development issues and developing aspects of SMEs in the region.

Although papers on any aspect of SMEs and economic development in transition economies will be considered, we are particularly interested in contribution which address one or more of the following questions:

•    Internationalisation of SMEs in Ballkan countires
•    Entrepreneruship, Institutions and Economic Development
•    Financial Difficulties faced by Small Businesses espcially Start-ups and Business Development in the longer-term?
•    Obstacles to Regional Trade and SME Development
•    Role of Business Trust in Transition Economies
•    Evaluation of Policy Measures on SME Development
•    Impact of Foreign Aid packages for support of SMEs
•    What are main barriers to Regional Trade and how they can be removed
•    The role of the NGOs sector in building entrepreneurial and other capacities in the society
•    Sustainability and Green Entrepreneurship; Challenges and Opportunities in Transitional Economies
•    Female entrepreneurs in Transitional Economies


Abstracts – 31fst of October 2011
Notification of abstract acceptance – 5th of November 2011
Submission of final papers – 20 November, 2011
Conference will be held on 10th of December in Prishtina (Capital city of Republic of Kosovo). Conference venue to be announced two weeks before conference.
On the organization and realization of the Conference is set Organizational Council with the following composition:

1. Prof. Dr. Nazmi MUSTAFA - College of International Mangement “GLOBUS”
2. Prof. Dr. Sherif BUNDO - Faculty of Economy at University of Tirana and Albanian Center for Risk
3. Prof. Dr. Justina SHIROKA – PULA - Faculty of Economy at University of Prishtina and College of International Mangement “GLOBUS”

General Propositions for the selection of the topics:

1.    Authors are free and authorized to modify the word of the topic, without affecting the overall direction determined by the Organizing Council.
2.    The organizers are open to invite and to attend anyone who wants and finds that there is an interesting paper with important conclusions within the scope of interest of the conference. If participants think that the commitment required of any personality or other specialist, this is welcome, and should be made aware of the Organizational Council.
3.    Topic or the paper must meet the following criteria:
4.     Be prepared on the computer,
                - Font should be on New Times Roman,
                - the character 12 the size of font,
                - in no more than 10-12 single spaced pages.
                - the papers should be delivered in the following email address: [email protected]
Presentation and outcome of topics should be done within the deadlines

10 December 2011 - paper presentation

The conference will be held on the 10 December in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo.

•    Each topic will be referred for 10-15 minutes. Preferred presentation projector and electronic, according to the program you want. The presentation should be extracted from the topic summary prepared and submitted.
•    Organizational Council reserves the right to review the topics to avoid repetition and duplication in cooperation with the authors. Commission guarantees the inviolability of copyright and freedom of inalienable and unlimited speakers to express.
•    In the audience will be invited by the central state and local public administration, business community, the media, from academia and international institutions, human resources specialists and management experts, bankers, employees of different tax and customs, and other guests from different fields of professions.
•    No conference fee is required for participation in conference. A selected number of papers will be published as a special edition of conference proceeding book. In addition to publication, authors will be entitled to take out 2 copies of the publication of the Conference Proceeding book.
•    Organizational Council is open to reflect any suggestion or proposal which aims at improving and enhancing the quality of the organization and conduct of the Conference.


It is very important to seriously evaluate four thing :

The paper should be sent within the above dates, to: [email protected]
Topics can be written written in one of two languages: in Albanian and English.
Please make all necessary preparations to comply with deadlines for delivery of materials and to realize the present day of the conference within the time frame of 10 - 15 minutes. This is very important.
On the basis of confirmed topics Organizational Council will complete the referral and the project conference, based on which it can organize conference in one day with more sessions. For each session we will group work on the basis of similarity and topics, with competent facilitators, including debates on topics.
The last session will be devoted to the formulation of conclusions and recommendations from the conference proceedings.


Prof. Dr. Nazmi MUSTAFA
President of Orgnizational Council of the Conference




“IESB Instituti është përzgjedhur nga Komuna e Prishtinës për të hartuar “Strategjinë e zhvillimit lokal për komunën e Prishtinës 2013-2016”.

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Organizojnë trajnim intenziv dy ditorë
Statistika me Program Kompjuterik SPSS
31 dhe 01 Prill 2012 (e shtune e diele), Prishtinë
Data e fundit për aplikim është 30 Mars 2012
Trajner: Prof. Dr. Besnik Krasniqi
Drejtor i Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK)
dhe Profesor ne Fakultetin Ekonomik, UP

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24 dhe 25 Mars, 2012, Prishtinë
Data e fundit për aplikim është 23 Mars 2012
Trajner: Prof. Dr. Besnik Krasniqi
Drejtor i Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK)
Kastriot Ajeti, MSc, Menaxher i Projekteve në BSCK

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